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Light monkey 15-26

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Light Monkey 15- 26 LED​ Canister Light

15aH (345 minute burn time)

The light heads for the 26W LED are machined from aluminum and then black hardcoated to allow for optimal heat sinking.
The Reflector was designed to provide a 6° center hot spot for effective signaling.
Powered by a 15Ah Li-ion battery pack (providing 345 minutes of burn time)
1100 Lumen Output @ 5600 Kelvin
11 inch (28cm) Length, 2.75 inch (7cm) Diameter
Dry Weight is 5.25lbs(2.4kg) 1.75lbs(.8kg) Negative in-water
Recharge time from complete discharge: 9 hours
13.50g ELC – 173wh TSA compliant for air travel•
1700 Lumen Output @ 6000K
• Luminus SST-90 Emitter
• 6 degree fixed focus aluminum reflector


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